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about your definitive guide to the world of Binary Options Trading. Stay up to date with market trends, news, insights, promotions, opinions, education and charts. We review and trade at numerous Binary Options Brokers in order to provide you with as much information as possible.

Binary Options caught our attention 3 years ago. When trading platforms like Spot Option, Trade Financials and Tradologic first hit the scene.

As professionals well-versed in the financial industry, we provide our clients with services which help to increase their wealth. The site consists of weekly and daily setups for trading news, broker rating, broker comparison, real time news feed, market talk, event with binary options, articles, tutorials and broker reviews.

We aim to provide an even more full experience to the visitors and plan to grow steadily.

Binary News Today brings a very high level of transparency and trust to this growing industry. Yes, our business model is based on affiliate links to brokers. This is no secret and we make it clear, disclosing it in full everywhere there is such a link.

In addition, the list of brokers that receive an exposure here is limited. The knowledge we have of the industry allows us to be picky and select trustworthy brokers. And when talk about transparency, we also don’t hide ourselves.

This page, as well as the whole site and whole industry, is work in progress. We are happy to be part of a growing and fascinating scene.

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